China's participation in IEC

1.  In 1934, the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering (CSEE) was founded.

2.  In 1935, The Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering(CSEE) launched and established the National Electrotechnical Committee (NEC) to establish liaison with IEC.

3.  In 1939, some joint committees and subcommittees were set up to translate various electrotechnical standards and important decisions issued by IEC, and promote them in China.

4. In 1957, the Bureau of Standards was established within the National Technical Committee, and began to exercise unified leadership over the national standardization work. In August of the same year, China joined the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) as a P-member.

5.  In 1958, the National Technical Committee issued the first national standard with GB number: GB1 "Requirements for Standard Format, Home page, Continuation Page and Cover" was released.

6. In 1960, CSEE undertook the secretariat of IEC Chinese National Committee and took the responsibility for organizing Chinese experts to participate in IEC activities.

7. In 1962, the State Council promulgated China's first standardization management regulation "Administrative Measures for Technical Standards of Industrial and Agricultural Products and Engineering Construction".

8. In April 1963, the first National Standardization Conference was held, and the "Standardization Development Plan from 1963 to 1972" was compiled.

9. On December 29, 1988, the Fifth Session of the Standing Committee of the Seventh National People's Congress adopted “Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China”.

10. In 2002, the 66th IEC General Meeting was held in Beijing, which was the first time for China to host it. Nearly 1,800 experts from more than 61 countries participated in this conference.


11. In 2003, China took over the IEC TC 85 secretariat, which was the first time for China to undertake the work of the IEC technical committee secretariat.

12. In 2006, Miss Yaping LI was elected as the Chair of IEC TC 95, becoming the first Chinese expert who served Chair of IEC Technical Committee.

13. In 2008, IEC TC 115 was set up, which is the first IEC technical committee launched by China National Committee, and China undertakes the Secretariat.

14. In 2011, China became the Group A Country of the IEC.

      In 2011, China initiated the establishment of IEC PC 118, which was the first Project Committee in IEC, and China undertook the Secretariat.

15. In 2013, China initiated the establishment of IEC SC 8A (Grid integration of renewable energy generation), and China undertook the Secretariat.

16. In 2017, China initiated the establishment of IEC SC 8B (Decentralized electrical energy systems), and China undertook the Secretariat.

17. In 2019, the 83rd IEC General Meeting was held in Shanghai. More than 3,800 experts from more than 100 countries came to China to participate. President Jinping XI sent a congratulatory letter to the event.


  In 2019, China initiated the establishment of IEC PC 127 (Low-voltage auxiliary power systems for electric power plants and substations), and China undertook the Secretariat.

18. On January 1st 2020, Dr. Yinbiao SHU began to serve as the 36th IEC president, who is also the first Chinese expert to serve as the IEC president since its establishment in 1906.

In 2020, China initiated the establishment of IEC SC 8C (Network Management of Interconnect Power Systems) and IEC TC 129 (Robotics for electricity generation, transmission and distribution systems). And China undertakes the Secretariats.

19. In August 2022, IEC Promotion Center (Nanjing) was set up in Nanjing.