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1. IEC White Paper: IoT 2020: Smart and secure IoT platform



The internet of things (IoT) is an infrastructure of interconnected objects, people or systems that processes and reacts to physical and virtual information. IoT collectively uses today’s internet backbone to connect things using sensors and other technologies. Through data collection and analysis it achieves a multitude of outcomes that generally aim to improve user experience or the performance of devices and systems.

How data is collected and implemented will determine how transformational IoT can become. Security grows exponentially in importance as devices that were once isolated become interconnected and more and more information is collected. As with most disruptive technologies solutions are developed by a wide range of providers promoting their proprietary approaches which can also impact interconnectivity. Bringing the ambitious visions expressed by IoT to reality will require significant efforts in standardization.

This white paper aims to provide an overview of today’s IoT, including its limitations and deficiencies in the area of security, interoperability and scalability. It contains use cases that point to requirements for smart and secure IoT platforms. It also discusses next generation platform-level technologies and provides important recommendations to IoT stakeholders and for IoT standardization work.

The white paper was prepared by the IEC Market Strategy Board (MSB) IoT 2020 project team with major contributions from SAP and the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied and Integrated Security AISEC.

Link:  https://www.iec.ch/basecamp/iot-2020-smart-and-secure-iot-platform